Strategy and metodology for the sociocultural reform of education

Asmolov A.G. — Psychology in Russia: State of the Art
This chapter explains the strategy for the sociocultural reform of education as a socializa- tion institution that plays a key role in the focused development of value systems, stan- dards, paradigms, and behavioral patterns in the population of Russia. The author reveals the role education plays in modeling such phenomena of social development as the social consolidation of society, the civil identity of representatives of various social groups and national cultures, the encouragement of social confidence, the successful socialization of oncoming generations, and the social stratification of the population of Russia. This chapter also considers the benefits of the sociocultural reform of education as a growth driver for the competitive strength of the individual, the society, and the state and for the further design of long-term programs for the social and economic development of Rus- sia, including the federal education-development program.
Asmolov A.G. Strategy and metodology for the sociocultural reform of education // Psychology in Russia: State of the Art. — 2013. — Vol. 6, no. 1. — P. 3–21.
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