Psychology of Modernity as a Social Situation of Development: Challenges of Uncertainty, Complexity and Diversity

Asmolov A.G. — Procedia — social and behavioral sciences
The following article is an introduction to the project “The Psychology of Modernity: Challenges of Uncertainty, Complexity, and Diversity”. The article discusses motives behind the creation of this project and the construct of «Psychology of modernity». There are different features of modernity described; a special focus is on the mechanisms of generating uncertainty in development of open structures. A hypothesis is formulated about the evolutionary meaning of art and religion in the invention of modernity. The article recognizes the role of historical-evolutionary methodology of interdisciplinary cognition as an integrative program of psychology, which allows the latter to enter into constructive dialogue with a broad range of sciences of nature, society and humanity.
Asmolov A.G. Psychology of modernity as a social situation of development: Challenges of uncertainty, complexity and diversity // Procedia — social and behavioral sciences. — 2016. — no. 233. — P. 27–34.