Hidden leadership and a variety of success models in modern society

Asmolov A.G., Guseltseva M.S. — European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences
The discourse about personality in changes of modernity in the social sciences and humanities is interdisciplinary. The changes taking place with the personality in modern society are discussed in methodological coordinates: simplicity and complexity, uniformity and diversity, certainty and uncertainty, stability and transitivity. Transformations of modernity inevitably lead to a change in the life strategies of individual. Along with ideas about society, the ideas about leadership are changing. In the space of modernity, the concept of a multitude of personal lifestyles and a variety of success models as a new social norm of a transitive society is gradually becoming normative. The terms and conceptual models that describe the current changes are also changing: for example, solidarity – self-organizing communities focused not only on a special lifestyle, but on common and shared values are replacing subcultures. The ideas about the leader and the crowd, and the hierarchical models of leadership are being replaced by network models with distributed leadership, which show the productivity of self-organization and horizontal interaction of community members. We assume that it is in youth movements that the leader phenomenon can be detected which exists today in diffuse and latent forms. We also assume that the transformation of forms of leadership is directly related to a change in ideas about society, the diversification of lifestyles, and the diversity of success models in modern society. An important role is played here by people with an internal locus controls focused on the values of self-realization and creating new cultural practices.
Asmolov A.G., Guseltseva M.S. Hidden leadership and a variety of success models in modern society // European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences. — 2020. — Vol. 94. — P. 4. 
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